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December 2, 2002

Introducing UrbanTraditional.com: the first Jewish online personals site specifically tailored to the needs of Traditional Jewish singles.

Traditional Jewish singles are generally disheartened at logging onto multi-denominational Jewish online personals sites only to access an overwhelmingly secular database. Enter UrbanTraditional.com, a unique Jewish online personals site conceived to address the needs of traditional Jewish singles.

UrbanTraditional differs from other Jewish internet dating services because it does not cater to every denomination. UrbanTraditional.com is inclusive of those Jewish singles who share a traditional orthodox outlook, although they may differ in the degree of their observance. As such, we offer membership to those who would like to increase the level of their observance, to those who are observant to a degree as well as to those who are strictly observant.

As difficult as it is to believe, this segment of the Jewish singles population has been largely overlooked by Jewish online personals. Coupled with the release of the new American Jewish Population Survey 2002 slated to pronounce once more the attrition of the American Jewish population from 5.5 million one decade ago to 5.2 million today, and the median age for Jewish singles rising from 37 to 41 years, we feel that the announcement of this new Jewish online personals category could not be more timely: It addresses the need and concern that our faith is not being passed down to the younger generation, and the dire need to preserve Judaism.

We felt it was important to create jewish internet dating services dedicated to Jewish singles with a traditional orthodox outlook. Our goal is to attract like-minded Jewish singles to our site from all over the world and promote the practice of traditional Judaism.


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